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Published April 2, 2002

Between the lines: What's the difference FleetBoston - HSBC

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SYRACUSE, NY -- I can't help but think that I am in the twilight zone every time I watch TV, every time I go to the mall, every time I look around, wait I forgot I'm in Syracuse.

It the words of Tom Jones "It's Not Unusual".

Syracuse is about a million miles from common sense, but right next door to the twilight zone. It's not unusual for there to be a double standard, It's not unusual for politicians to believe they know it all, It's not unusual to see good news stories from the suburbs, It's not unusual to think that you are doing something when you not, It's not unusual here because that's the way it is.

I am a person that really don't watch the news but it is on sometimes like background music.

Today I heard an interesting story about folks in the Auburn community closing there accounts at HSBC bank. First a few churches then the city and county almost when in to emergency session to decide what they were go to do. Now, I tried to watch this story with an open mind but I still could not feel this issue.

If you haven't heard the story, HSBC didn't not renew the boyscouts lease in the banks building because of the scouts new policy on homosexual employees.

Now the people that know me are thinking, ahh man here it comes, but it have no comment. Nor have I even thought about this issue, and I probably won't.

I just don't feel it.

But, I understand it enough to see who's important in this area. I have never seen news outlets in this area cover anything in the city that had to do with corporate policy. Remember the bank redlining issue. But you know what, that's still not the issue.

A couple of days ago FleetBoston, Aetna and other companies were named in a lawsuit seeking reparations for slavery.

Now the plaintiff said, that they have proof the companies named, directly profited from the free labor of our ancestors.

I watched a couple of corporate statement fly and it seem that they believe there was some type of statue of limitations on slavery. Now I don't know what the legal formula is for that but I think that four hundred years of slavery brings at least four hundred years of claim.

That's just a thought.

Now if churches will take action on a corporation and they have not done any damage, how come the churches don't move when they proof of damages.

I have yet to seen churches get together to discuss taking there money out of Fleet or Aetna. Or, any other corporation that has unfair policies or pratices.

I forgot, I'm in Syracuse, who's address is right next door to the twilight zone.

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