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brought to you by: EspreeNet News Service
Published May 2002

Feud or Battle: Dr. Dre responds to Jermaine Dupri

EspreeNet News Service

SYRACUSE, NY -- It truly is the nature of Rap/Hip-Hop to battle (to use spoken word to express your discontent),but we have to be careful. Just like this article, I choose to look at life or the positive oppose to death or the negative.

I have seen a couple of reports on this new chapter of clashes and I feel that others are fueling the fire.

But, I am also gonna give it to you straight, since I am coming from the same place as the artist.

It's true that I can write an article or a rap to express my thought and it can be just as raw as the lyrics Dr. Dre (aka: Andre Young) wrote about JD (Jermaine Dupri).

But, just don't take it out of context, it's between them.

I just happen to like them both as producers, as well as Puffy, Timbaland, Jimmy 'Jam', Terry Lewis, and several other. So, no matter what is said, I will look at it like a sporting event. Who's better Magic or Michael?

Now with that being said lets get to the story.

Jermaine Dupri made a statement in a past XXL article, saying Dr Dre and Timbaland are good but "I am the best hit maker out". Dre's response comes in a new song called "Say What You Say" featuring Eminem. I'm am not sure how this song will be released but I know it will get out.

In the song Dre says, "f*ck Jermaine he don't belong speaking mine or Timbaland's name / and don't think I don't read your little interviews and see what your saying", "over 80 million records sold / and I don't have to do it with 10 or 11 year olds.".

Timbaland also takes a shot at JD on the outro of the song.

I don't think that JD will respond in the same manner, but just like Dre adding his thoughts to an Eminem track, JD can do the same with Da Brat. So just like a tennis match the ball in in JD's court.

Dre's next album, Detox is due for release next summer.

For those of you paying attention remember this, the Jay-Z and Nas battle is on wax and they both said it up front. NWA and Ice Cube did the same on wax and still remained friends.

No matter what is being said on wax, take these words from Public Enemy and "Don't believe the Hype" when it's not.

We don't need this to get out of hand.

comments about this story: EspreeJ@SoulOfSyracuse.com

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