HeaVeN on Earth
This poem is In loving memory of NeVeaH Carey

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Oh what I wouldnít give for just one more chance
To look upon your loving face
Although our hearts arenít ready to heal
We know youíre in Godís saving grace
Words will never begin to explain
The void thatís been left in our hearts
But we continue to hold to Godís unchanging hand
We will never be apart
God showed me that your spirit will always be with us
Although physically, you are just away
As long as we call upon his name
In our hearts you will always stay
You see, you have touched so many lives
Because of you, our faith has grown
Thatís why God sent some of his finest Angels
And they whispered ďItís Time to Come HomeĒ
I can see them as they surrounded your bed
Awakening you from a peaceful sleep

They showed us that this journey would not be easy
There will be nights where we will openly weep
But although our weeping will endure for the night
In the morning our joy will come
We know this pain too shall pass
and we will see where God delivered us from
We are honored that God loved us enough;that he sent you from above
He knew our hearts and heard our cries and he trusted us with your love
We rest well knowing youíve served your purpose here
Although your time here was not long
Your soul was tired and in need of some rest
Your body was weary but your spirit was strong
God knew that you were exactly what we needed
so he loaned you to us for a while
He knows that you will live on in our hearts,
and we will find strength in your smile
Oh yes, God knew you were what we needed
But we know he needed you more
We know that you left on the wings of his Angels and he met you at HeaVeNís door

Weíll look to the sun for the warmth of your smile
Weíll hear your voice in the whispering wind
Weíll smile when we see your loving face in the clouds
But we will miss you and we canít pretend
We know this journey without you wonít be easy
But we find comfort in your name
Your named was derived from Heaven itself
You see, your victory had already been claimed
Our hearts are at peace because we know
You will never shed another tear
We know that you are with the lord
But we sure will miss you here
I know there will be times weíll feel lost without you
But your spirit will never leave us alone
We smile because we know that you will live in hearts
But your spirit has made it home!

Rest in Peace Sweet Angel,

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Enclosed is a picture of a little angel named NeVeah (Heaven spelled backwards) and she was born to some very dear friends of mine. Some of you are somewhat familiar with NeVeahís story but I wanted to share a little more about her life for those of you who are not aware

Prior to NeVeaHís birth, her parents had faced their share of challenges. Like most young couples, they were trying to find their place in the world but vowed they would be a family no matter what. In an effort to try and make a better life for themselves and their other two children, while anxiously awaiting the birth of NeVeaH, they saved every penny they had to move to a better neighborhood and to what they believed was an ideal place to raise their family. It wasnít until they moved in, and the utilities were turned off that they found out that the Slumlord they were renting from, neglected to tell them that the place was in foreclosure and all their hard earned money had gone to waste. Needless to say they were forced to move with friends and family until they could find other living arrangements. Although family and friends did what they could to help out, this family found themselves, not only temporarily homeless and living in a shelter with two children, but not sure when or where they would be once their new baby would arrive.

God finally sent them one of his most precious gifts in the form of NeVeaH and they couldnít have felt more blessed. Her parents were finally starting to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and although they still had many hills to climb, they knew this baby was a gift from God, and they named her accordingly.

Sadly, after being rushed to the hospital, where she flat lined on three different occasions, NeVeaH succumb to a genetic blood disorder, and took her last breath on Friday, May 11th 2012 at around 7:00pm. Ironically, it was on this same day that her parents also received the devastating news that the new place that they were hoping to call home fell through thus leaving them virtually homeless once again.

This weekend, I will travel to Tampa, Florida to join the family in laying this precious Angel to rest. If you know me like I hope you do, you know that I believe in the power of Godís healing. Thankfully, they do too. My reason for sending this email to you is to ask for your prayers and your support for this young family in their time of need. Whether itís a dime, a dollar, a scripture or just an encouraging word, anything that the Lord lays upon your heart to share with them I will take it with me on my travels and present it on behalf of you

I donít know what the protocol is for such a circumstance as this but what I do know is that I have seen, first hand the grief that this family is going through, and I would not wish this upon anyone. If and only if the Lord places it on your heart, please contact me and I will share from your heart to theirs, whatever God has placed on your heart.

Thanking you in advance, from my heart to yoursÖ

- Kai Sims

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Published May 16, 2012

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