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Belafonte Likens Powell to 'House Slave'
Singer Harry Belafonte lashed out at Secretary of State Colin Powell in a racially charged radio interview, likening the former general to a plantation slave who had sold out his principles "to come into the house of the master."

SIDS Study Linked to Babies Sleeping Position
Researchers at the University of Virginia found that one third of all SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases results from infants sleeping on there stomach. Black children are more that twice as likely to die in that manor.

Differences In Drugs: Black and White
There are differences in the effects of drugs with black patients. Dr Valentine Burroughs of the NMA lead a study that found the effectiveness of drugs used for hypertension and some diseases were not good, required higher doses, and in some cases harmful to African Americans.

Lenders Victimize Black Home Buyers
A nationwide study shows that blacks are victimized all over the country to predatory lending. According to the Mayor of Richmond Rudy McCollum "Upper income African American borrowers have a higher percentage of subprime loans than do lower income whites."

State Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said that they also stack the deck against consumers with unnecessary insurance cost, balloon payments, high fees and unfair prepayment penalties. She and other senate democrats are looking to pass a bill that will make it harder for subprime lenders to victimize borrowers.

Hip Hop Means Product Sells
Product sells are thru the roof because of Hip Hop artist promoting products. Cadillac sells are up 22% compared to last year because of artist like Missy E and Ludacris mentioning automobiles like the Escalade, Cadillac admits. They are not the only company benefiting from the free advertisement, sells for Courvoisier has been up 5% every since Busta Rhymes song features P Diddy titled "Pass The Courvoisier part II" was released. We are now watching what we say on records because some products are blowing up, said Sean "P.Diddy" Combs.

New Jersey Law Require Black History In School
A new law requires more aspects of black history teachings in New Jersey schools. An initiative signed by Gov Jim McGreevy creates an Amsted commission to promote a wider use of educational programs that deal with slavery in America and contributions made by African Americans.

Irregular Heartbeat Gene Found
Millions of Africans and African-Americans carry a version of a gene that raises their risk of abnormal heart rhythms, which can be deadly, researchers reported.

The gene variant, which seems to be exclusive to people of African descent, might be used in the future to screen people most at risk -- who could then avoid certain drugs that can activate the arrhythmia.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, which helped pay for the study, estimates that 4.6 million U.S. blacks carry the gene variant.

Racial Divide Widens In US Schools
Black and Latino children are becoming increasingly segregated from their white classmates in US schools, according to a Harvard University study.

Almost 50 years after a US Supreme Court ruling outlawed racial segregation in schools, nearly all the schools studied are now "re-segregating".

The study says two factors - poverty and government policy - are to blame.

Miami-Dade County settles 2000 election lawsuit
Miami-Dade County has agreed to change the way it conducts elections to settle a voting-rights lawsuit stemming from the 2000 presidential election, when problems allegedly kept blacks from casting ballots in Florida.

Slick Rick's Wife Appeals To The Public
Rapper Slick Rick (Rick Walters) still faces deportation after performing on Tom Joyner's Cruise. The INS says that once you live the country after an order of deportation you become self deported.

Mandy Aragoes (his wife and manager) says, that Rick is rehabilitated and we are gonna fight until the end. She has recruited the help of other entertainers and celebrities like Will Smith, Chris Rock, Russell Simmons and Jessie Jackson to make appeals on his behalf.

Largest Black Owned Bank Has Big Plans
The nations larges Black owned bank was formed yesterday, the Boston Bank of Commerce and LA based Family Saving bank merged with combined assets of $460 million.

The company plans on creating a network of bank branches in black neighborhoods across the country.

Rapper/Actor - Ice T Sells Ice Cream
Rapper Ice T has been hired as a company spokes person and the company making Posse Pops and they promised to participate in community programs and will donate a percentage of it's proceeds from street events to intercity foundations.

Rev. Sharpton On The Offensive
The Rev. Al Sharpton is seeking $1 billion in punitive and compensatory damages in a lawsuit filed against HBO, charging "defamation with malice and gross irresponsibility," according to his attorney.

Erica Pratt Kidnapping
Philadelphia police have arrested the two men sought in a 7-year-old girl's kidnapping but are quick to add that the department is still conducting an ongoing search for more suspects.

The Most Powerful Black Executive
Stanley O'Neal, COO of Merrill Lynch is the most powerful black executive according to fortune. They said despite its recent troubles the company remains the nation's largest brokerage firm.

National Urban League Moves Meeting
Due to the economic boycott of Cincinnati Ohio, the National Urban League announced that they are moving there national convention. Other organizations and entertainers including Bill Cosby and Smokey Robinson have honored the boycott by canceling performances.

Black Owned Resort
The nations first African American owned resort hotel open in Miami.

The Royal Palm Crown Hotel owned by Donnie Peebles has 422 luxurious rooms, swimming pools and restaurants.

Broadcasting Diversity
Primetime network TV still lacks diversity according to a survey by Children Now.

Researcher say that little has changed since the network promised to include more minorities in there programming.

US Treasury Department Under Fire
A discrimination suit has been filed naming the three major law enforcement agencies (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - US Customs Service - The Secret Service), the plaintiffs (over 1000 agents) said hiring, training and performance evaluations are the issues.

Carter May Be Our Greatest President
Former President James Earl Carter Jr, the 39th President of the United States symbolized a bright, new future, when he was elected in 1977. Coming into office after the Watergate scandal, he represented honest and ran with the slogan "Trust Me"

Over the last week, President Carter when into Cuba with the same since of duty and responsibility to this country, just like he did when he stepped into the presidency. After visiting Cuba, he called for US sanctions to end if Cuba improved civil liberties. Once again going where no president has gone before (on the edge).

For that, the former president has won more respect for his recent statesmanship than he ever did during his White House years.

SU Student in Black Face
The fraternity of the SU student, who attended an off campus activity wearing black face, released a statement yesterday apologizing for the incident.

Maybe it's time for the city or the county to step up and start asking some questions. This is not the first time.

Getting Out The Vote
The National Democatic Party rolls out the every vote counts campaign, with voter registration drives, concerts and various programs.

According to a new poll Americans view the Republican and Democratic Parties both have a 58% favorable rating.

More Racial Discrimination Suits
In Tennessee, racial discrimination law suits have being filed against auto lenders Bank of America, Bank One, Primus financial services, and Wells Fargo financial, for charging African Americans higher interest rates than whites.

The suits claim that they struck agreements with car dealerships nationwide to mark up finance rates.

2000 Census Under Counts Blacks
Whites and Asians may have been over counted and Blacks and Hispanics were under counted in the 2000 census, according to the Census Bureau. Billions of dollars of federal funds are distributed according to those numbers.

Clear Channel adds Power to hip-hop in NYC
POWER 105.1 is on the air in NYC. Tigger from BET RAP CITY the basement has a show from 6pm - 10pm and former WBLS morning show host Dre and Ed Lover plus ex-rap artist Monie Love also have shows.

Black Professor's Flee Harvard
Harvard's African American studies professor Dr. Cornell West decided to go to Princeton University, leaving a group of scholars known as "the dream team" of black studies.

In January philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah headed for Princeton, now Department chairman Henry Louis Gates Jr. is considering the same move.

Baby aspirin may cut risk of colon cancer
A daily baby aspirin modestly reduces the risk of colon cancer by preventing the growth of ominous polyps, according to a major study
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