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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain Witness the rise of a legend...

Released by Lionsgate/CodeBlack Films, July 3. Executive produced by Hart and his Hartbeat Productions, and produced by CodeBlack's Jeff Clanagan, Let Me Explain includes a 2012 10-country concert tour, which saw Hart travel to 80 cities, generating over $32 million in ticket sales.

Daniel Woodson
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Houston, Tx (EspreeNet News) - I was especially impressed right from the start, Kevin Hart spent time laying the foundation on who he is, in an interesting spoof at the very beginning to introduce the movie and his character. Reminiscent of stand up comedy movie's with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, but with a unique style of his own.

If you are new to his work, you will understand from this movie, who he is and how he used social media (via youtube) as a platform to launch his brand to the masses around the world.

He used the opening skit to celebrate he's upcoming stand up movie and in true fashion his friends attack him. As usual he ends up being the butt of the joke (like his roll on The Real Husbands of Hollywood TV show). So, he had enough of his friends, shut the party down and went on stage at Madison Square Garden to explain himself.

In his routine, I think he may have done some jokes before but you will really appreciate his new material. His rhythm was really good. He used fire as punch lines (stage effects) and he was very powerful in using his facial expressions. You will get some laughs that you wont anticipate.

Hart doesn't use the whole stage in this performance, he only uses a 5 to 10 foot area but even with that he was powerful and his movements played well with the audience.

Now the language is for a mature audience but he used it for effect.

The audience laughed over the movie into the next joke, so you couldn't hear the on screen audience in the garden.

He really came with it. When you add to the backdrop the process of setting up the show (excellent job producing), it gave me a greater appreciation of him as an artist in the industry of comedy.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who want to laugh or feels they wont laugh and by the time they leave, they wont believe they laughed as much as they did. Kevin Hart fan or not, you will enjoy it.

In addition, I will say this, I wish it could have been another 20 or 30 minutes longer. I think he had that much more material to share.

The movie closed out with more of his travel abroad but he could have developed that a little more. He showing his emotion and his appreciation of the personal journey to the garden. It was well played.

I personally will go back and see this film a few more times. The sky is the limit for Kevin Hart.

Movie runtime: 1 hr 15 min
R | Pervasive Language and Sexual References
Genres: Comedy | Cast: Kevin Hart |

- Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain, grossed $7.7 million to date (USA box office)
- Ride Along ( stars Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter, Jay Pharoah, John Leguizamo and Bryan Callen) set to hit theaters January 17, 2014, but, in April, it was reported that Universal Pictures is already considering a sequel
- Other upcoming projects are: the remake of About Last Night, the sequel to Think Like A Man, Real Husbands of Hollywood (on BET), Chris Rock's Finally Famous and a project titled Quick & Easy

Update 7/6 by staff:
Let Me Explain has been a surprise hit at the box office already. Financed by Kevin Hart with a 2 million dollar budget, According to, the film has already earned $7.4 million in ticket sales during its first two days of release and Variety reports that Let Me Explain made $29 million by Sunday night.

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Published July 04, 2013

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