Cuba Diaries Week 6: February 22, 2009- February 28, 2009
This is a personal account of my semester in Cuba.

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This week was so jammed packed with things that I didn’t have have time to write. I am really tired too so I am going to just summarize what I remember from the week. Next week I hope to be more on point. The week was pretty normal. I had class all week.

On Tuesday morning I watched an induction ceremony at the University for some young women entering the Cuban military. Then that afternoon my Spanish Professor took us to her friends house to see a Santeria celebration.

It was really cool to see the ceremony even though I couldn’t take pictures or anything.

On Wednesday I went with my class to the Teatro de Danza and saw a show depicting the Orishas of Santeria through dance. I was able to record it and it was so beautiful. I spent the rest of Wednesday at the beach reading.

On Friday we went to Pinar del Rio to see some old coffee and sugar plantations of Cuba- the farms that kept Cuba alive during the 20th Century. Later we ate at a vegetarian restaurant that was wonderful. The best part of the day was when we went swimming in a mineral spring. It was like a big mossy river, but the water was so refreshing. On Friday night we went to the club on the beach were Danny works and it was pretty fun. He was really nice, let all the girls in free and gave the guys a discount. The music was great and it was packed with people . It was a really nice club because it was outdoors and under a huge pavilion.

On Saturday I took it easy and met some of our friends who are studying here but living in a city called Miramar. It made me glad to be living in Havana because Miramar was just a bunch of hotels and embassies. We did meet some cool Cuban University students, particularly a funny guy named Watson who apparently the third best Salsa dancer in all of Cuba. He dances in a bunch of competitions and wins a lot, and offered to give me and a few friends some free lessons.. I may take him up on his offer. We shall see.. On Sunday I went to the beach for a while and then spent the rest of the day studying.. I was able to talk to Dawn, Brandon, and Mommy on Sunday night so I was so happy, Perfect start to a new week… That’s all you get for this week! A lot of stuff happened but I am way to tired to write it all. Until next week.

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Published February 28, 2009

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