Newtown Angels: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
In Loving Memory of the NewTown Soldiers

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Rest well our sweet and precious Angels
May you sleep in eternal peace
May time heal the pain within our hearts
May this senseless violence cease
Although you are away from us for now
We know you are not alone
For God sent some of his finest Angels
And they whispered “It’s time to come home”
We held on to you as long as we could
We tried hard to keep you near
God showed us there’s still work to be done
Your life’s purpose has now been made clear
For, you are his greatest gift to us
So Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
He forgives even the worst of our sins
Through his son Jesus, our debt was paid
He commands us to forgive our enemies
Let us pray, one for the other
When we forgive, we’ll find the peace we seek
We must love as sister and brother

He knew that when he loaned you to us
Your time here wouldn’t be long
But he sent you to be our light in dark places
When we were weak, you made us strong
Now, we must let you go to be with him
We shall not hinder, the Kingdom is where you belong
Although now our ears hear the deafening silence
We will celebrate the Heavens with your song
We’re praying for the day this will all make sense
In due time, it will be made clear
We will understand it by and by
But we sure do miss you here
This job required God’s finest Angels

And you were the chosen ones
We rejoice, knowing you have received your wings
When God tells you
“Well done my good and faithful servant. Well done, Well done, Well done”

In Loving Memory of the Newtown Soldiers

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Published December 20, 2012

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