Remembering the Reason for the Season

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Big houses, fine jewelry and fancy cars
Are all the things we think we need
Itís so easy to get caught up in the shopping frenzy
When we focus on our own greed
We think we need these things to make us complete
We over spend for no rhyme or reason
Weíre so concerned with the things we want
We forget the meaning of the season
We buy gifts and gadgets and video games
For a child that wasnít always nice
We go deep into debt to fulfill a wish list
That we should check not once but twice
So I challenge you for 2012
To do something for someone else
Take a moment to focus on the need of your neighbor
By taking the focus off yourself
We often assume one wants a handout
When all they need is a helping hand

Take a moment to talk to them and learn the difference
Let them know you understand
Treat them to a warm cup of coffee
Give them a greeting card just because
If actions like this donít fill your spirit
Then I canít imagine what does
Remind them that this is the season for giving
Then remind them to pay it forward
If each one of us can reach one of us
In time, we can all move forward
As we anxiously await this season of giving
I challenge you to be kind
The more you do it the better youíll feel

It brings peace to the heart and mind
May the size of your heart and kindness of your actions
Continue to increase
May your will to live and your desire to give
be something that will never cease
May you achieve all of your goals and dreams
And pursue them void of any fear
Hereís wishing you a prosperous season
And a safe and prosperous New Year!

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Published December 06, 2012

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