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brought to you by: EspreeNet News Service
Published October 17, 2002

Minister Farrakhan Holy Day of Atonement Address Makes You Think

EspreeNet News Service

Syracuse, NY - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed the nation with one of his most powerful speeches ever. October 16th marked the 7th anniversary of the Holy Day of Atonement and Million Man March.

Live from the Salem United Methodist Church in New York City, via internet webcast and satellite, The Minister addressed the nation.

In classic style Minister Farrakhan started his 2 plus hour address without any notes or hesitation. The title of this address was The Consequences of War and the Fruit of Peace.

Dealing with the current state of the world he told the audience to know your country.

$80 billion dollars was given to Iraq so they would be strong enough to fight Iran during the eighties, and now look were we are. Language that sound straight and is crooked as a snake has been coming out of the president.

He continued to wake the audience up so that they would get involved and be heard. This is our country, he said don't let a few people guide us on a path to Armageddon.

The speech displayed freedom like only the Minister knows. Standing straight on the podium he said we were taught that "we are men and should not fear anyone but god". As he continued down the path of nonstop wisdom, he covered many things from his 1985 vision of abduction to the US oil based foreign policy.

Start with the facts, said Farrakhan and not from assumptions. You can only start with assumptions if you looking for facts but no conclusions can be drawn from assumptions.

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