The Souls of Our Feet
For we will NEVER stop running this race

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Through the sun and rain
The laughter and pain
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat
We will run this race with Godís loving grace
From the top of our head to the Souls of our feet
Let it be known you have not won
Form your weapon but you will never prosper
For God is our healer and our protector,
in the sick room HE is our doctor

You hide your terroistic and cowardly acts
under masks and the darknest of night
Just remember everything done in the dark
will eventually come to the light
You damaged the lives of so many people,
someoneís child, or husband or wife
But in the end, we will always win,
for God is the way, the truth and the life

You smile because you think you have won this battle
But you will NEVER win this war
We will pray and cry and some of us may die
But in the end, this nation will endure
So form your weapon, whatever it is
For everything there is a time and place
However, on this day you did not win
For we will NEVER stop running this race

While your attempt was to divide and conquer this nation
Your actions have dismally failed
All you did was unite a nation
Because of that we will always prevail
Youíve have taken the lives of the young and innocent,
you have hurt the ones we love
Your day of reckoning will surely come
and itís them that we will be thinking of
We are a nation that will stand together
Through triumph and defeat
We live each day knowing we belong to God
We run each race from the Souls of our feet

The more and more you try to destroy us
The faster we will run this race
For in the end, we will ALWAYS win
Because we move at a consistent pace
Try as you might you will never win
The time will come when we will meet
But until that time and long after youíre gone
Weíll still be running from the Souls of our feet

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Published April 19, 2013

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