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With the grace of a Gazelle on the Serengeti
With the moves of a world class dancer
I was living my life out loud and on purpose
When the doctor said “You have cancer”

“Cancer” I said, there must be a mistake
I don’t understand how this could be
I work out, I eat healthy, this must be a mistake
Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me

I could hear the words, but they weren’t sinking in
I had so much more life to live
I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this earth
When I still had so much love to give

“Doctors have been wrong before” I said
They don’t know the GOD I serve
I’ve been living my life on the straight and narrow
But then he walks in and throws me this curve

I had already lost too many friends and loved ones
For this Cancer crap I didn’t have time
I refuse to let this nuisance get the best of me
And take control of a life that is mine

So if I was going to engage in this combat
I wasn’t going down without a fight
I would knock out this Cancer with the strength of Mike Tyson
I would fight it with all of my might

There may be a chance that I may not win
But I’ll leave this earth with dignity and class
Physically, I may not have won this battle
But please know that, in my mind,

I kicked Cancer’s Ass!

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Published October 09, 2014

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