The Real SuperMan!
In memory of Honorable Dr. Carson Carr
respected, admired and forever present

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What words does one use to describe this feeling
when there are no words that exist
Husband, Father, Leader, Teacher,
One who will be sorely missed..
Gentle Giant, Philanthropist, Mentor, Hero or a Visionary who took a stand
Against poverty, poor education and discrimination

To us… this is The Real SuperMan!

A man so far ahead of his time, that many often couldn’t comprehend
He knew when to be a disciplinarian and when to be a friend
Although we never actually saw a cape, we were all convinced he could fly
Yet he remained grounded and focused on our future
While encouraging us to ALWAYS aim high

Always direct and to the point, Never one to let an open wound fester
Refusing to let discrimination stand in his way
Healing the wounds of his days at West Chester
From there he would follow his educational path
He would travel the distance, no matter how far
He would instill in us the value of education
This man named Dr. Carson Carr

For those who weren’t fortunate enough to have known him
You’ve missed out on a National Gem
From Africa, to Albany and all points in between
Our lives were made better after having met him

I challenge you to find another, I assure you there I none who can
Like Michael and Whitney, GOD broke the mold

Now he’s resting in his hands
GOD loved us enough that he loaned him to us,
But now he has called him back home
There’s work to be done and he’s the man to do it,
For his life was not his own
Though weeping will endure for many nights,
By and by we will understand

Rest well Dr. Carr
you have earned your wings for you are the real SuperMan!

Kathy (Kai) Sims

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Published October 08, 2014

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