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Published April 04, 2003

Mahoney Decides Not To Seek A Second Term
The Council Loses Common Sense

EspreeNet News Service

Syracuse, NY (ENet News) - The Syracuse Common Council was dealt a bad hand over the last few years and now it take a blow to the head with the recent announcement that Councilor at Large Joanie Mahoney will not to run for another term. Councilor Mahoney was the last republican to win a city wide race nearly four years ago.

Now many say that it's a blow to the party but the truth is, it's a blow to the city. Mahoney made the decision to bow out of this years race because she would have to spend a lot time away from her family to campaign. Having four children, the youngest being 9 months old, she felt the timing of this year election was not good for her family.

Always putting family and community first, it is no surprise that she would do the right thing for the right reason, no matter how it played out politically.

Looking back at her record, she has worked hard to do the right thing. During the initial proposal of DestinyUSA, Mahoney listened to questions, concerns and objections from competitors, let them take a look at the proposal, then asked the question what wrong with it and/or what would you change? With information in hand she promptly met with Destiny representatives, who made all of the necessary changes to the proposal that she asked.

She never made a big deal of it and believed that it was her job to perform her own checks and balances before voting on the matter.

That's what she does, uses common sense.

Not just a politician, a person, a citizen, and a friend, is how Mahoney can best be described by her peers. During her press conference she said firmly that she will be back, and for the sake of balance along with fairness this city needs her.

Always down playing the possibility, Mahoney has not talked about a possible run for the city's top office. But, with a good underground and mainstream following, she is a strong candidate in the minds of a large segment of Syracusans for Mayor.

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