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Published April 27, 2003

Uncut Funk Filled The Carrier Dome
George Clinton Comes To Syracuse On College Tour

EspreeNet News Service

Syracuse, NY (ENet News) - The Funk hit the fans as George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars hit the stage for the Syracuse University Union block party Sunday at the Carrier Dome. Friday in Buffalo, Sunday in Syracuse, and Wednesday in New Orleans is how the schedule goes for the funk college tour.

Performing with nearly 30 members on hand the group averages 40 per show. Yes that's right 40 members. For this show the group only requested National Championship t-shirts and a football to throw around in the dome, so you know they were prepared to have fun.

Opening the show was Rahzel (MC from the Hip Hop Group The Roots), who put it down for hip-hop especially for the beat box fans. By the way if you get a chance to see his show do it, because he put it down on the big stage.

You could feel the energy build for music legend George Clinton as soon as the first note was played.

Starting off the set with a guitar lead build up, the show began to move around 9:55 with Bop Gun (singing gotta get over the hump). George Clinton eased up on the University crowd then began to lead them in a series of chants, from get off your ass and jam (true funkateers know the rest), we want the funk, and turn this mother out.

Earlier Clinton described himself as a "traffic cop" when talking about where he fits among the many talented people around him but, on this night he added thousands more to the P-Funk turnpike and kept traffic moving until Flashlight. That's when Sir Nose came in and started the jam. Dancing on speakers, moving around the stage and going into the crowd. He started off as de-void-of-funk but it didn't take long for him to get funked up.

The crowd made up of mostly college students were not born when the song was released but through hip-hop samples and pure second hand exposure they jumped and rocked like it was currently in the top ten.

The technical difficulties of the Buffalo show didn't follow them here as they rolled through songs like "we want the funk", "up for the down stroke" and some new material.

In true Parliament fashion some of the new material will be lead singles in different solo and group projects. One feature song was "Bounce" sung by background singer Kendra with George Clinton singing co-lead. The song kept the crowd moving from start to finish and was very well received. It's a hit waiting to be released. The Parlamack(Carlos McMurray) aka Sir Nose album "Hypnotic Fonk" and Kim Manning's (background singer) "Never Gonna Tell It" are also in the works.

Filled with old and new, the night truly belong to George (Clinton).

He won't take credit for it but he it truly the sun in the universe of funk. I would rate this concert but it would mean nothing because no one does it better on a good or bad day.

Like always it was Pure Funk.

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