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Published December 18, 2003

Dirty Money In City Hall?
Two Former Criminals Represents Syracuse's Mayor Driscoll

EspreeNet News Service

Syracuse, NY (ENet News) - According to a story published December 12, 2003 in the NY Post, Mayor Matt Driscoll sponsored a fund-raising event for crime-fighting Attorney General Eliot Spitzer with two ex-convicts playing key roles.

Dean Vlassis pleaded guilty in 1978 to tax-evasion and Charles (Charlie) Vinal pleaded guilty in 1975 to drug-possession according to court documents.

They both were the driving force behind the Attorney General's fund-raiser held in Syracuse.

Vinal is a consultant to the city of Syracuse and the Mayor's point man on the Destiny USA project and Vlassis is a real-estate developer.

A spokesman for Spitzer said that Vinal and Vlassis were acting at the behest of Mayor Driscoll and Democratic Chairman Robert Romeo and they were unaware of the two's criminal past. He added that they were prominent members of the central New York community.

The event raised $40,000 for Spitzer.

* The New York Post article is titled Eliot's Dirty $$

SoulofSyracuse.com Reader Comments

After reading the NY Post article "I don't know what is worse. Romeos last comment(he said in so many words it didn't matter) or the fact that they are worried about young former (alleged) gang members working with kids in the school districts alternative programs and overlook convicted criminals for raising $ for the state's top crime fighter"
Truly amazing.

"It is typical of most politicians to be hypocrite of criminal activity. Especially when it benefits them or their cause directly. But we'd be all year if we started digging into some of the funding sources of a lot of our "powerful people" in government."
I think this is a travesty!

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